March 23, 2017

ERM Venture

ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Venture is software that provides computer support to customers in all phases of risk management process and is based on a multidimensional method of risk assessment.



It is based on internationally recognized and recommended standards and norms and enables organization to analyze, evaluate, rank, processing, monitoring and control of all risks, sources of risk and from all aspects of threats, in order to increase the stability of the organization and its stakeholder partners.


MRA methodology is applicable in four specifically defined areas: business processes in the organization, projects, critical infrastructures and processes of occupational safety.


Parameterization of risk assessment and risk management is under the complete control of the user. User defines variables of the model, aspects and evaluation criteria for individual aspect, and the system generates a matrix of probability on the defined parameterization.


The software is multilingual, provides recording of events associated with risk, geographic location of the risk event, store related documents in electronic form as well as a complete history and traceability of risk assessment.


Venture ERM software can be used as a web service or a product, installed and implemented in its own environment.