HECTOR BI – For an “intelligent” company

Have you ever asked yourself how “intelligent” your company actually is and what are “intelligent” companies at all?

The term “intelligence” comes from the Latin word inteligere which means to understand or realize something. When it comes to human intelligence, it usually implies managing with new, unknown situations where people use all their mental and physical abilities, acquired knowledge and experience. It is similiar with companies where an “intelligent” company implies being able to survive and respond to new challenges. In today’s globalized, turbulent and dynamic world, companies have to use all their resources, both human and material, to ensure a sustainable survival. Since the operations of today’s companies are largely computer-supported, the question which is logically asked is: Can the information technology help and in which measure it can help to increase the “intelligence” of a company?

Classic information systems, like our HECTOR, about which we have already written, they collect data, enable daily operations to be performed, provide a reporting part necessary for operation tracking and compliance with legal regulations. However, they generally don’t give answers to questions such as: Which customers make the most profit? Was your marketing campaign successful or not? Have you distributed the indirect cost of the products well? Have you determined the prices of your products and services well? What are your sales trends? Which customers could leave you?

Because of these and similar questions, we have upgraded our HECTOR with the Business Intelligence module (BI). Based on the in-depth analysis of the collected data HECTOR BI enables organizations to get answers to these and many other questions, to meet new information which could further help them improve the relations with costumers, to implement target marketing campaigns, to determine cost and price more precisely and to increase the sale. But that’s not all. HECTOR BI enables a faster and better communication between different parts of the company, i.e. between its employees, as well as making fact-based decisions. In essence, HECTOR BI enables the company to make a maximum use of its human and IT resources and ultimately to become an “intelligent” company ready to respond to all challenges of the modern era.

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