HECTOR – Our firstborn


HECTOR is our business information system and the first software created in HERA’s “workshop”. The name was once again taken from the Greek mythology but now it is a name of one of the greatest warriors in the Troy War. We were looking for an audibly name but also for a name which would carry the message that we from HERA are ready to fight and find our place in the turbulent software market, just like Hector in the Troy War. And to be honest, HECTOR as a name matched perfectly with our company name.

The Greek meaning of the word HECTOR – “firmly holding”, “possessing” – essentially describes the underlying idea behind the development of our information system; HECTOR „firmly controls” business processes and data about them, enabling their users to have a faster and more efficient execution.

HECTOR’s backbone is made of software support for basic business processes of purchase, production and sale. The first installation in the oil company (2001) has also brought new challenges, securing support for 25 petrol pumps scattered around BiH, pumping shops, for central stocks of oil and goods of broad consumption, as well as the need for automated data exchange in the time where modems “cried” and every stronger rain cut off telephone connections with rural areas. But, we didn’t give up and solutions were found and successfully implemented. Our challenge was to track traceability in the food industry, where we provided one meat industry with tracking the meat from the animal farm to the final product where the meat has finally been completed (2002).

Years have passed, challenges have come one after the other and the number of HECTOR users has grown constantly. Today we are talking about hundreds, which are as we believe, satisfied users. HECTOR has constantly developed and is still developing so today, beside classical business processes – purchase, production, sale, it also allows the tracking of goods with LOT control and complete traceability (from raw material to products on the shelf). It allows as well monitoring of specific stocks such as customs and consignment stocks, financial flows in the company, payroll calculation, travel orders, cash registers, all bookkeeping, electronic communication with tax administration, basic asset management, packaging, printing of own bar code labels etc. One other part of HECTOR are mobile applications for commercialists on field work, for employees who work on receiving goods, for those in the production and much more. In the case that there is something else that the user wants and HECTOR doesn’t have it currently, HERA’S development team is always ready to refine and develop what they need in order to meet the requirements and needs of the user. Our goal is to achieve that even after more than 16 years HECTOR “firmly controls” and provides software support in all business segments.

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