WHAT connects sheep, goats, budget allocations, gas pumps, pharmacies, students, professors…?


They are connected within applications which are developed in HERA’s “lab”. HERA’s software enables a daily allocation of the revenue due to the budget users in most counties. Thanks to our software, animals (sheep, goats, pigs) and animal markers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) are registered; records are kept about the price of petroleum products at all pumps in FBiH, just like for import permits, foreign investment, unemployed people, reimbursement  for the unemployed ones, foreign nationals;  then hospitals, health centers and pharmacies make records about primary health care services, consumption of medicines on prescription and insured persons; school have electronic diaries (marks, absences, grades), universities record students, professors, syllabuses and programs, student’s check in / check out / transitions, deadlines / exams, student questionnaires; eco-tests are made on vehicle technical inspections etc.  Companies use our software to implement their activities more effectively in procurement, sales, production, bookkeeping, finance, marketing, human resource management, risk management and for managing the company as a whole and for more, much more… 16 years of work can definitely not fit into one text, so the story will be continued.
For all these years, our software development has been based on simple principles: to tailor the apps due to the measures of the user itself and to listen carefully what users want – then together with them seek after the best solutions. At the first sight, all companies seem to look very similar, however, any deeper analysis shows that they are in fact very special and unique, primarily because special and unique people are working in them. Our task as a software company is to support and maintain this specialty and uniqueness. How much we have succeeded till now; that will be told by our users in one of our next reports.

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