From a goddess to a software company

We are often asked what means HERA? For what is it an acronym? Perhaps for a Herzegovinian application? NO, Hera is the Greek goddess, the wife of Zeus, the goddess of marriage, women and sky. How is it possible that one software company which was founded in Herzegovina, chooses its name after one Greek goddess?

At the end of the year 2000, two colleagues with years of experience in developing different software applications began to think about establishing their own company. The main motive was to use those years of experience and knowledge and develop applications for all shapes of consumers. Their wish was not only to develop and sell applications; they really wanted to establish such relationships with the costumers which would ensure the continuing support for their work and for the development of the costumer itself. So, this all leads to a constant development and improvement of HERA as a company.

When it came to the point where they had to choose the name, one reason for turning to Greek mythology was the work with Oracle technology. Because the name Oracle (a person who possesses the wisdom and prophetic abilities inspired by something divine) comes from the ancient Greek, it was decided to name the new company using the Greek mythology. And why HERA? Because the name is short, effective, because she is the protector of women which would emphasize the equality of women in technology and particularly because one of the founders of the company is a woman. One important reason as well, because Hera is protector of the sky and for this company only the sky is the limit.

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